Preparing for the first day

The name of the Club has been posted at the school, letters have gone home to parents, and I have a list of names for the very first session of Robots & Computers Club.

I’m the parent of a child who has just started in Reception Class at our local State Primary School, and these are my adventures (OUR adventures!) in launching the first ever Robots & Computers Club.

My class will consist of children from Reception and Form One, who are all at the ‘Key Stage One’ level in the UK primary school system. They don’t yet have any computer programming as part of the official school curriculum, although they will be introduced to ICT throughout their education.

The goal of the Robots & Computers Club is to foster creativity, curiousity and a inventiveness towards the digital world surrounding these youngsters. Computers are there to follow our commands, and we can design what we want them to do.

I’ll add resources to this blog as I find them and draw on them for my own lesson plans, and I will share with you here what we do in the Robots & Computers Club, and how it all goes!

over and out.






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