Lesson 6: Robotic Fish

This week I unfortunately need to travel for business, but one of the teachers at the school will be kindly taking over for me and joining the other regular Club teacher. So this week my lesson plan notes are for them!

3:30 – 3:45 Snack & Chat

During our snack time at the start of club, we explain our activities for the day. Today we will be talking about fish. Has anyone here seen a fish? What do fish look like? Can anyone tell me how fish move?

Do you think that there might be any robot fish? How do you think they might need to move?

Let’s take a look at the pictures on this website of some Robot Fish that people have imagined and built. Some of these are just for fun, like a Robotic Fish made to look like a type that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. Or to be a bath tub toy. But some are designed to have a job to do.

Robotic Fish

Can you imagine what kind of jobs they might have? Exploring the deep ocean. Tracking how fish migrate, filming other fish to understand them better…

Let’s watch one, and see if it moves like a real fish:

3:45 – 3:55 Arts & Crafts

Today we are doing our Arts & Crafts together with the whole group, so that we draw and colour our own wonderful fish on the BeeBots squares. Please be sure to write your name on your fish drawing. When you are done, you can give your fish to the teacher, and go to the computers until it is your turn for a BeeBots session

3:55 – 4:20

This time we divide the kids into two groups, inviting 5 children at a time time to the BeeBots mat to do the BeeBot activity,  for just under 10 minutes each.

1. BeeBots – Swimming Fish

Our BeeBots activity is working together as a group to have one  BeeBot follow a path from fish to fish on the mat. The teacher will select 5 fish squares and call those children down to the carpet area, and will place the squares under the mat at random.

Starting the BeeBot at one far corner, the children will take turns directing the BeeBot to their fish – i.e. the child with the fish closest to the BeeBot on the corner, will direct the BeeBot to their fish, then the next closest fish will have the BeeBot directed to it by the child that drew it, and so on.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 14.03.09

2. Explore – Poisson Rouge

Today our free time on the computers is to explore the Red Fish aquarium – there are no right or wrong ways to play, and children can explore everything they want to.


4:20 – 4:30 Video

If there is time at the end, the children can watch a video.

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 10.43.21



Animated deep sea adventure series. Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun. The Octonauts help a young manta ray find the secret manta ray feeding grounds, but when they finally locate it, the Octonauts become caught in the middle of a dangerous feeding frenzy!


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