Lesson 12 – Robots that can See

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I’m wearing my glasses today because my eyes need a break from my contact lenses. Sometimes our eyes can change shape just enough that the information about what we are seeing gets blurred, and we have created glasses and contact lenses to help us see.

In fact we’ve created a lot of things to help us see. We don’t see very well in the dark, so we’ve invented lights. We can’t see very far away, so we’ve invented telescopes and binoculars.

A lot of scientists are quite interested in how seeing works and are developing robots that can see:

What jobs could you do with a Robot that could see?


1. Bee Bots – Free time

Today’s time with the BeeBots will be free time.

2. Get Creative – Draw a Seeing Robot

Draw a picture of a robot that can see and what kind of job you would get it to do for you if it could see. Can it see in a way that you can’t?

3. Explore – Boo Bah

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 13.36.57Today I have a very interesting world for you to explore on the computer called BooBah. Take a look around and see what you can discover!

If you’re done with exploring here, you can join the QPootle gang in some more exploring games on CBeebies.


Watch a Story

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 13.31.51Today’s story is from QPootle, where they go exploring too – into space!!

Space is a fun place to be with Q Pootle 5! Pootle and his friends tackle the everyday problems of the final frontier.

Q Pootle 5 takes a rather bored Oopsy to a very special place to look at the wonders of space – and the wonderful things a bit closer to home too.

Lesson 11: Treasure Hunters

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The Reception Class have been learning about Pirates this past week, so I thought it would be fun to do something with that theme. We’ll start out by talking about what kinds of things treasure might be, and I’ll lead them up to the idea of metal detectors.

This man has invented a Treasure Hunting Robot, but attaching a metal detector to a remote control car. What other things can you think of?

What if it was a pirate ship that lost it’s treasure at sea? How would you find it then?

Activities Time

We spent a bit longer than usual talking about Robot Legs, so we just had one activity on the carpet today, and two activities on the computer.

1. BeeBots – Treasure Hunting BeeBots

We’ll start practicing more of our skills in directing the Bee Bots, by helping them to discover treasure. In small groups we’ll work together to plan a path from the Robot Pirate (you can find pictures of anything online!!) to the Treasure.

2. Get Creative – Draw your own Robot Treasure Hunter

At the table we’ll have blank paper and markers for some creative time, designing and drawing your own Robot Treasure Hunter.

3. Explore – Treasure Hunting Games

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 13.05.14We’ve got two games to explore today.  The first is: Swashbuckle Adventures – Join Gem and the Swashbucklers to find the jewels, and then make the naughty pirates walk the plank. The children are welcome to play other Cbeebies Games from here.


Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 12.39.33The second is: Clifford’s Buried Treasure – Clifford and his friends are pretending to be pirates sailing the 7 seas, click on who you would like to help find the buried treasure. The children are welcome to play other PBS Kids Games from here.

If you feel like doing more in this theme at home, here’s a Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure Game!

4:20 – 4:30 Video

Instead of hunting around for something with a pirate theme (the BBC Swashbucklers programme is too long at 25 minutes),  I thought I’d let them continue with the latest episode of Little Robots.

Little Robots – Series 4. The Show Must Go On

Stop-frame animation about Tiny and his Little Robot friends, who create their own world from the scrapheap on which they find themselves abandoned. Scary wants to put on a show and goes on a search for a glamorous assistant.