Reception Class: Astronauts in Space

The Reception Class is learning about Space and the Planets, so we’re having a little session to have together in the ICT Room to look at what the Astronauts can tell us about life in Space.

The International Space Station circles around Planet Earth, outside of our atmosphere, which means there is no gravity and life is very different. To get there, the Astronauts fly in the Space Shuttle, which has to be launched from Earth by a Rocket that pushes them far out into Space. Would you like to see what that looks like?

The Space Shuttle then docks with the Space Station and they climb through a tunnel into the Station.

Every few months a special rocket is flown up the station with all of the the things that they need like food. When the Space Station needs fixing, the Astronauts have special Space Suits that they put on in order to go outside, because it’s not possible to breathe out there. When they do this, it’s called a “Space Walk“, but they are always tied to the Station so that they can’t drift away.

Astronaut Reid Wiseman is one of the American astronauts on board at the moment, and he has been sharing lots of photos of what he sees looking down on planet earth. Let’s take a look at what he’s been seeing through the window today:

The space station is outside our atmosphere, which means that there is no Gravity. Gravity is what holds your feet on the ground, and makes a  ball roll down a hill. But on the space station, everything floats. Let’s take a look at what that looks like:

Reception Class did a lovely job of writing down the questions that they have for the Astronauts about what life is like on the International Space Station. Let’s find out what the answers are.

Many of you asked about washing your hair. Astronaut Karen Nybourg will tell you how she does it:

You also asked, how do you sleep in space? Let’s find out what their bedrooms look like from Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata:

Shall we see how a sleeping astronaut looks like?

Many of you also asked how do toilets work in space, and how you eat and drink in space, and how you brush your teeth in space. Let’s watch Astronaut Sunita Williams give us a tour while she answers our questions.

What if you just want a simple Peanut Butter & Honey sandwich? Commander Chris Hadfield will tell us how to make one:

How many of you enjoy playing football? Have any of you been watching the World Cup? Shall we see if the Astronauts have been watching the World Cup as well?

Can you do Sports on the Space Station? How do you do Exercise? Let’s find out from Astronaut Karen Nybourg, who loves to run (2:36)

If we’ve got a bit of time at the end for some computer time, or perhaps to save the next time Reception Class is using the ICT Room, we can EXPLORE MARS or we can EXPLORE THE MOON.