Lesson 18: Welcome to Robots & Computers Club

We are now entering into the second year of the Robots & Computers Club at our primary school, and this year we move up one step and have club members from both Year One and Year Two (KS1 in the UK).

Although this is the first lesson of the new year and the new term, I’m continuing the numbering of the Lessons from last year because we will have quite a few kids in the club from last year, and as much as possible I will be building on the foundation established last year. But let’s start with a little chat about robots….

robotsSnack and Chat

So what are robots?

Robots are machines. There are lots of types of robots. They move in different ways and do all kinds of jobs. Because a robot is a machine we have to program it to do things. It only does what we tell it to do.

What kinds of jobs can robots do?

At school you might have tried to program a floor robot. Who here has had a chance to play with our BeeBots before? How did we tell them what to do?

There are lots of ways to tell robots what we want them to do, and that is something we’ll be talking about in club. For a robot that moves around, you need to tell it how to move and where to go to:

robot instructions

Let’s Explore Painting on our Computers

2pap6I had more planned for our first lesson, but the kids really wanted to just have time to explore using their computers for some creative fun.

We spent the rest of club time using theĀ 2Simple 2Draw art programme, and they all had fun trying different artistic effects, and showing each other how to do things.

It’s great to haveĀ the time to explore and be creative!