Lesson 28 – Our Computers

Snack & Chat

Let’s have a chat about Computers – how many of you have a computer at home? How many of you have used a computer at the library? How about playing games on your Mom or Dad’s phone? On an iPad or other Tablet?

They are all different shapes and sizes, but they are all computers.

Do you see any computers in this classroom? They look different from the ones in our ICT Room don’t they? What’s different?

computer parts

Let’s’s talk about all of the different parts, and what they do. Many of our computers have touch-screens. We can then touch exactly the things that we want to make move or to open. But how do we tell our ICT Room computers what we want them to do?

Let’s go to the ICT Room now, and see if we can find all of these parts on our school Computers.

Computer Time

Today we walked through how to start our school computers ourselves, how to login, how to launch the browser, and how to choose our favourite games to play!

Now it’s time to have some fun playing. Have Fun!


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