Lesson 35: Happy Maps

Welcome to Robots & Computers Club

Today we’re starting the Summer 2015 term, and have a few new members joining us who haven’t been in the club before. We’re also going to be introducing new activities in the club. To start with, we’re going to be doing some Unplugged Computing Activities!

What does Unplugged mean? It means, we can think & talk about how computers work without actually using our computers. Although we will always have some time on the computers at the end of club.

Today, I’ve got a new word to tell you about. Some of you will have heard me use it before. And it’s not as hard as it sounds!


Let’s pretend that I’m a robot, and you want me to go over to that desk to get something. How are you going to give me instructions? You have to tell me about every little step!


Happy Maps

Flurbs are happy, fuzzy little things.

Flurbs love to eat fruit. Fruit is hard to find in Flurb Town. Use the maps to help the Flurb find some fruit.

Work with your group to decide which direction the Flurb needs to step to get to the fruit.

Directions for Class:

1) Cut out an arrow for each member of your team.


2) Start with Map 1 to help the Flurb look for fruit.

3) Have each member of your group put an arrow next to the map to vote for which way the Flurb should step.

4) If not all arrows are pointing the same way, talk to each other and decide as a group which way the arrow should point.

5) When your whole group agrees on a direction, your team can share your answer with the teacher.

6) If your answer is correct, move on to the next map.

Computer Time

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 13.38.13