Assembly: Tim Peake is coming home to earth

This coming Saturday, the 18th of June, British astronaut Tim Peake is coming home to earth after his half-year mission aboard the International Space Station.

This is the presentation I’ll give at Assembly today. There is an absolute TON of resources around Tim Peake’s mission on the Principia website. I trawl it constantly for good ideas, so please don’t hesitate to set me to work to find something that connects nicely with a curriculum topic you are currently teaching.
Here is a short clip on Tim Peake’s “dizziness experiment”, which is quite interesting. And this is the clip from the most recent Soyuz landing, when Tim Peake’s colleague Scott Kelly landed after ONE YEAR in space.
If you fancy a bit of a Geography challenge, his Flickr feed is here:
On Monday I’ll circulate the clip of him landing on earth, which will be broadcast here on ESA, if you’d like to share that with your class.