Form 3 visit – HTML

Today I’m visiting the Form 3 class to talk about the World Wide Web, and HTML.

They’ve already been reading (and watching) a bit about it on BBC Bitesize, and we’ll talk a bit about the three main things that Sir. Tim Berners-Lee invented (HTML, URLs, and HTTP)

HTMl is  Hyper Text Markup Language – and it basically tells your computer screen what the webpage should look like.

This is done using tags, that tell the webpage how a piece of text or image should be treated, with a tag in front of the text, and a tag at the end closing it.


We’re going to spend some time in the computer room playing around with the code behind some fun objects, to see how we can make them change.

Now that we’ve had some fun with that, let’s look at some html and make some changes to create our own monster!

First I need to install Mozilla X-Ray Goggles on the Bookmark Bar, which will let the kids look at the html behind ANY web-page element. Yes, any!

Once you’ve had some fun creating your own creature and page, how about trying to remix this sandwhich?


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