BeeBot Lesson Ideas


  • Draw a number line or use masking tape to create a number line on the table or floor
  • Have Bee-Bot add two numbers
  • Program Bee-Bot to go forward and then back (subtraction)
  • Program Bee-Bot to go forward x units, 3 times (multiplication)
  • Add the negative number line and talk about negative numbers
  • Draw an xy axis and talk about ordered pairs, slope
  • Ask children to sit on the floor. Let children program Bee-Bot to visit others (estimation)
  • Color, shape recognition
  • Patterning
  • Time
  • Money
  • Show movement on a grid – put a shape on bee-bots back
  • Schedule for the day
  • Charts
  • Estimation
  • Skip counting

Language Arts

  • Sequence a story – Give a Moose a Muffin
  • Act out a story – Little Red Hen, The Three Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff, Are you My Mother, I Went Walking
  • Phoenemic Awareness
  • Number of sounds and syllables
  • ABC hunt
  • Letter, sound, sight word recognition
  • Animated Literacy
  • Word Webs


  • Draw a map of the planets. Program Bee-Bot to visit different planets
  • Have Bee-Bot start at the sun and visit the planets in order
  • Draw or build a zoo. Have Bee-Bot take food to the animals
  • Habitats – bee-bot can be different animals (i.e. rain forest)
  • Incline Plane – compare objects as they go down the ramp (velocity)


  • Draw a grid with different types of food. Program Bee-Bot to pick the healthy foods
  • Talk about food groups and have Bee-Bot pick a well-rounded meal
  • Pick out ingredients for a recipe


  • Draw a map of a town. Program Bee-Bot to visit the post office, the library, the fire station, etc.
  • Ask students to find a different route to their destination
  • Add street signs and talk about safety
  • Pretend Bee-Bot is a school bus picking up children
  • Build a town with cardboard boxes, cut outs, etc. Pretend Bee-Bot is a delivery man and give him a list of houses to visit
  • Draw a “blueprint” of a house. Program Bee-Bot to go from room to room (could be a blueprint of your school or the public library)
  • Draw a road. Program Bee-Bot to travel the road to certain destinations. How many ways can he get to his destination?
  • Draw a map of the United Kingdom (or of the World!). Program Bee-Bot to travel to different places


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